Monday, 5 August 2013

Ceramic Curling Iron

What is the difference between a ceramic curling iron and a regular one? The former can take great care of your hair, whereas the latter can't. Simple as that. But why is a ceramic curling iron better? Ceramic is universally recognized as one of the safest and healthiest materials used in heat styling tools, so if your curling iron contains pure ceramic elements, you can be sure to enjoy all the great benefits.

With regular curling irons, your hair will bear the brunt of the heat, suffering from frizz and dryness because of the moisture that has been stripped away from the strands. These mediocre models don't offer safe heating technology and produce damage by splitting the cuticles and removing the essential natural oils from your locks. If your hair has a tendency to dry out or become frizzy, you can trust a ceramic curling iron to keep the health in and the dryness out.

A high quality professional ceramic curling iron can keep your tresses safe by improving their health and creating softer, smoother and shinier results without dryness or frizz. How is this even possible?

Ceramic emits negatively charged ions to lock in natural oils and moisture by sealing the cuticles closed, relaxing your hair to make it manageable for styling. The heating system of ceramic is completely uniform in a curling iron, meaning the entire barrel will be consistently hot and not just some parts more than others. This prevents overheating and burning of hair, and since the heat is so evenly distributed, you get your hair curled in a lot less time. Thanks to its amazing heating properties, ceramic is one of the materials with the fastest start up time when used in heat styling tools, taking under a minute to reach scorching temperatures.

Ceramic curling irons are also more popular because of their lightweight. Weighing less than curling irons constructed of different materials, the ceramic curling iron is therefore a lot easier to manage and those styling thick hair will appreciate this benefit. As for the barrel, ceramic doesn't let dust and debris accumulate because of how smooth it is, so your tresses are once again protected from damage.

A good ceramic curling iron? Check out the Karmin Salon Pro Clipless curling iron, offering professional level results and featuring a highly polished barrel that enables you to create the shiniest, most defined and most natural looking curls.

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